We repeat: 38.1% businesses confuse Customer with Consumer

There is good news:

As children watch less TV, professional services network PwC said it expects the digital advertising market for kids to grow to $1.2bn by 2019 – at which point it will represent 28% of ALL advertising to children. On the other hand, BBC is starting to invest $44 million in children’s programming over the next three years to combat digital media giants such as Facebook, Amazon and Netflix.

There is a question about kids: are they Customer or Consumer? And how the marketing campaign should be created after answering this question?

There is other advantage:

Have you known that millennials treat their first pet much more than cute companions—they’re starter children! A recent study found that 44% of millennials see their pets as “practice” for the real deal, with 21% citing that as the main reason for welcoming an animal into their homes and another 23% saying it was at least part of the reason. As we can see that the perception of pets has changed with this generation—it would be profitable to take animals-as-kids perspective to the bank in marketing campaign.

It is easy to decide who is who in this case, therefore the customers will be regarded as the king, in every business because they help in earning revenue.

And what about the last example… YouTube Kids is free to consumers and reaches around 70% of the 6 to 12-year-old audience(!), and comes with parental controls, content preferences and time limits. Parents are quickly making the switch from expensive cable. How advertisers should create the main message regarding to customers and consumers?

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