You would never guess what you CAN LEARN IN BUSINESS DURING DIVING WITH BULL SHARKS in Fiji…

DO NOT STEREOTYPE until you’ll know someone closer. As a Hollywood image about killer-sharks is not true when you so close with these curious, intelligent ancient marine species!

A FEMALE IS BIGGER & STRONGER and nature admires this fact 🙂 Feel good with female-leaders and support them. Especially as a co-founder of BiznesMama Network CIC I encourage you to do this!

VARIETY IS GOOD FOR NETWORKING. Bull sharks, lemon sharks, grey reef sharks, nurse sharks, zebra sharks, silvertip & whitetip & blacktip sharks. All cooperate as I saw, hence we can…with people of different shapes of business and a point of view. It works for everyone!

Hence… Dive, literally and metaphorically in wisdom. Learn.  Implement. Repeat.

How ‘cool’ is that?!

Picture by Ralph Lightman Fiji 2019