DM2agency has 20 years of marketing experience and to achieve customers goals uses knowledge and rich resources from persuasion, NLP,  neurolinguistics, behaviourism and neuromarketing.

All are reflected in promotional advertising ideas and their efficiency is measured by increasing sales numbers. Marketing psychology, which is also everyday workshop of the DM2agency, proves that a decision is measured by the number of undertaken actions. So if you are really interested in persuasive advertisement, most effective advertising campaigns, or rather the results obtained thanks to it, join the DM2agency  and become a beneficiary of the newest research about working of the human mind, emotions and decision taking.

DM2agency ideas place you ahead of your competitors because we think beyond any expectation

Dorota Iwankiewicz – creative director of the agency who combines experience in influencing people. Connected with influence advertisement, she is the author of her own educational programme ‘Copywriting Workshop or how to make money’ protected by the author’s law (the sign and intellectual value is reserved in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and it is the subject of protection number Z – 344426) and the co-founder of the London Institute ‘Extreme Mind Explore’.
As a university lecturer at Polish and British universities, Dorota takes part in ‘International Scientific Conferences’ and she is an expert in Polish and British media. With incredible ease she can introduce you to the world of marketing from your first meeting.
We accompany our customers in defining their exact marketing goals and their USP. Then in DM2agency we create a message according to the ‘Copy Strategy’ and we choose the appropriate tools.

Dorota Monika Iwankiewicz FCIM, cooperated with Marcin Kaliszewski, Program Manager, Scanfil Sieradz, Poland,  we are glad to hear his afterward impression:

I am happy to write this letter of recommendation for Dorota Iwankiewicz. In this words I would like to express my respect and appreciation for this bright person, who brought outstanding contribution to the work of my group and worked with me on various projects.(…) it is pleasure to work with her as she is reliable and intelligent person with good sense of humour. (…) I give her my highest recommendation. (…)

In 2009 the DM2agency opened its’ branch in London and started to successfully serve companies, which also includes European markets. That is why we are a team which would implement new advertising tools and the most effective research from the field of persuasive advertisement.

A co-operation with DM2agency is a business guarantee of:

PROFESSIONALISM AND KNOWLEDGE about effective advertising strategies,

CREATIVITY and being distinguished in the multitude of advertisements and the certainty of having contact with a company where customer satisfaction is the most important thing.

That is why our customers want to cooperate with us for many years!

We are not able to describe every advertising strategy case study, as well as we are not able to enlist all the research, materials and tools we use in order to reach the target group or our customers in the best way.

If you feel that it is worth meeting us – contact us.

Jarosław Skowron, Retail Products Department Director at First Ukrainian International Bank defined us as:

Do you know who is the marketing mate? 

This is a person (or team) who is facing all the market challenges with you, together. Supports you with his/her knowledge and experience and holds your hand when you are about to fall out of the proper path. I know I made up this term (…). But I strongly believe that such a category (us – marketers – love to categorize things) is needed to describe people like Dorota. (…)

So this is the real life marketing mate example. One of the best. 

Thank you, Mate. Marketing Mate.”