A very interesting case study has appeared regarding to advertising message and… Brexit. As we can read on BBC website:

“Honour the Brexit promises

During the referendum it was claimed £350m a week was sent to the EU and that would be better spent on the NHS. The claim was widely contested at the time and ever since – it did not take into account the rebate the UK had nor the fact the UK benefited from investment from the EU. Some argued it proved highly influential in the referendum result.”

And now the public wants to see that what was promised must be delivered. And it is important because of trust in politics, which would be damaged.

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England said:

“The NHS wasn’t on the ballot paper, but it was on the ballot bus.”

But I am so far from a political reflection or dilemma. What I found very interesting, that an advertising message is crucial in this case. Because it is true, that what you promised you will have to deliver. Otherwise you can jeopardise your brand image. Not only because as the research showed: 36% of UK adults say the NHS makes them proud to be British, therefore every issue regarding to NHS is followed by millions.

The clue is to find the most exciting benefit for your target group, but not a fantasy.

Let see on the Starbucks’ board in every coffee shops.

“We promise we will make your drink just the way you like it.

(And please don’t be shy, just let us know if it’s not and we’ll make it again for you. After all, it’s personal.)”

The promise is so personal as the main benefit for coffee lovers. Could you imagine how destructive will be a situation when someone from Starbucks will not follow these words?


Sometimes is really hard to deal between a creation of a big fat claim and eg. legal obstacles. DM2 Agency has a vast experience in cooperation with financial companies such as banks or investments firms and always the big issue is regarding to a word “the profit”. From the financial and legal point of view it depends on so many factors. However, from advertising specialists’ perspective “the profit” is core-benefit. Therefore, our team is sometimes like a ballet dancer on the high wire, but always we follow the truth about the promoted product/service.

Because in the end of the day, your business can live more than one fake campaign. And you can be sure that your target group will test you to the ground. Hence be creative and be prepared to meet expectations.

Effective marketing campaign brings value by delivering brand reputation, revenue growth, improved customer experience and engagement. And, according CIM “The Value of Marketing” report, customer experience is ranked first for heaving the greatest impact on revenue growth.

Sources: Opinium Research 2016, BBC, CIM report 2017