Yes, another (and certainly not the last one) definition of marketing opens the: “Practical guide. Introduction to Marketing” produced by CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing). It could be new for some people, and well known at least heard for others. I shall quote: ”

“Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.”

Is a marketer a manager now? Conscientiously or not, yes, we are! Reading this work, you will realise that managing so many issues – you do become a manager.

What exactly do we manage? And here, I will surprise you. I started with myself. How did I manage myself? I’ve read new information. I’ve read it once, found it interesting, inspiring and instructive. Therefore, I was eager to read it again, highlight the useful information. But what do I remember now? A challenge won! Check your memory, check if your mind was opened to it. 1-2-3 GO!

Here, I’d like to share, what I came up to 🙂

I Love my cat! – unrelated? More than you think! She came, and by looking through her eyes, I memorised quite a bit of the content. See for yourself:)

Previously, there were 4Ps, later 5Ps, and nowadays there are 7Ps. Following the cat’s mind:

P1 – Product: food

P2 – Price: affordable

P3 – Promotion: bought one – got one free

P5 – People: … yes, PEOPLE.. no comment

P6 – Process: keep buying it! or don’t you dare to buy it again!

P7 – Physical evidence: don’t listen to Mrs John ever again!

The 4 Cs form the 1990s also appeared in that work. Just to remind you:

C1- Customer: my cat

C2- Cost: not too expensive

C3- Convenience: she eats that- I can finally eat mine

C4 – Communication: purrs.. 🙂

I’ve seen you smiling while reading it:)

So here we have our memory fed with some fresh marketing knowledge. We constantly learn, we develop, we progress, isn’t that fantastic?!

To be continued…