Welcome me and my cat – marketer again! I’ve reread the  CIM’s  “Practical guide. Introduction to Marketing”. My goal was to outline and summarise the most important parts of the text, to share the content with you. In my previous entry, I wrote you something about Marketing – Management – process – 7Ps – 4 Cs – Cat – SMS (sorry- I went too far 🙂 Remember now?

Shortcuts, digital and mobile technology sneak up into our dictionary. We think short, digitally, rapidly and we think, we need to be fast. Slow down. We are here to help you giving you suggestions for practical marketing that builds on what you are already doing.

Let me compile the most updated 7Ps for you. Relax and convert your mind into a cat’s one again:)

P1 Product = Customers’ needs 

a) any kind – not food only

                      – love, cuddling – a nanny, a hotel/ spa services

                      – comfort – a vet’s services

b) valuable  – ugly pink blanket- but my favourite one

c) regularly check with regard to her needs – how’s my fur, time to change the diet?

d) quality – a spa or a tuna can but shared with you

P2 Price

a) position in the market – maybe go to Mrs John – she still has 6 out of 10 cats left?

b) expectations of – quality and value- better food

                     – service – served whenever I want

                     – packaging- new bowl

                     – environment- in bed

                     – promotional materials – this one smells better than that

The marketing specialists have concluded that by the evident, but sometimes forgotten:

” Existing customers are generally less sensitive about price than new customers – a good reason to look after them well.”

I would call it LOYALTY- let’s stick to that!

P3 Place

a) a supplier’s delivery performance – just in time!

b) a display – still in the fridge- not in my bowl?

c) e-commerce

                       – fever points of interaction- I can’t read- read it for me

                       – delivery by third party- Do not leave me the parcel unopened!

d) mobile – Forgot again! Use your mobile! Call on your way home! Order my food!

P4  Promotion

a) dialogue – you’re saying.. a fish?, a ham?.. I may consider…

b) communicate the benefits – no, no, no, you can’t convince me to try this carrot

c) good first impression – nice and full bowl, soft blanket- I could stay…

d) new channels – a new package, yes, you can cuddle me while opening it, it smells nice

e) grab attention – now, I’m not interested… wait! what’s that sound/ smell?

f) communicate with fellow employees – Kitty meowed me, that Mary bought her a new scratcher…

P5  People = Servants

a) staff – well trained, motivated, well- suited, with the right attitude – She’s know what to do – stay on-massage, supportive at any time – Don’t close this door- you won’t hear me!

b) customers = happy advocates for you – I don’t know why there are 100 cats in front of your house… ok, I may have meowed something…

“These services will probably become more important than price for many customers over time.”

P6  Process = overall experience from the day one

a) from P1 to P7 – I’m happy to be with you

b) customer’s benefit- not yoursDon’t go shower- food first!

c) be available – Don’t fall asleep- cuddle!

P7 Physical evidence

a) environment – tidy, friendly, trusted – as I glance, I may stay here

b) feedback – ask, observe, notice – meow, meow, purrrrrrrrr.

According to the CIM sources:

 “No element can be considered in isolation (…) a cohesive strategy is called marketing planning”. Since the planning refers to marketing strategy, which shall regularly be revised and updated – ” Therefore, collaboration between marketing and other corporate activities such as finance, research, development and production, is important to effectively implementing the marketing strategy (…) essential to managing system.”

Pete Johnson said:

“Strategy is a style of thinking, a conscious and deliberate  process, an intensive implementation system, the science of insuring future success.”

Thank you for walking with me through the emotional avenues of my and my cat’s minds.

“Emotions are the psycho-drivers to your customers”- as Dorota Iwankiewicz FCIM said.

DM2 Agency, aware of the power of Darwin’s theory, has implemented it in couple of marketing strategies. See more animals “whispering” to our minds:)