Finance is a field which requires extraordinary competencies from the team working on ‘effective marketing campaigns’. Here, before the most exciting moment of creative work comes, one has to get through complicated financial expressions in order to translate them into the language of understandable benefits or to find the unique benefit; so that this particular bank will succeed. That is why the experience of the partner agency is so important; not only because it is up-to-date in the branch but also because it notices a subtle difference between a provocation and a dangerous irritation; concerning the state of our wallets.

The agency knows which promotional mechanisms, (in spite of their attractiveness and popularity in other branches), will not work here; what the managers and board of directors are sensitive to or, to make a long story short, how to read between the lines.

The most valuable work in our portfolio so far, is preparing a creative advertising campaign for the massive financial organizations of: VISA and MasterCard. The projects were prepared in co-operation with the biggest banks in Poland, for example: BOŚ Bank, Millennium Bank and Kredyt Bank which belong to the five most important Polish banks (according to independent rankings).

We started this in 1997 when we were gaining experience cooperating with Kredyt Bank in all its structures (until the year 2000). The areas we focused on were in marketing (image campaign, sales campaign: TV, press, radio, cinema, BTL), the independent Payment Card Department (press, radio, TV, BTL) and in the Press Office (creating the image of the patron of culture and sport, amongst others in the press and cinema).

The possibility to work for a dynamically developing financial institution allowed us to get to know all the nuances and dangers involved in such a pursuit and to reach an excellent result: increasing spontaneous awareness by 100%*.

We went on broadening our knowledge by cooperating with the creation of effective advertising strategies for banks and financial institutions; for example: AmerBank and Amerbrokers DM, Bise Bank (DnB NORD group), Centralny Dom Maklerski Pekao S.A., SEB Swedish financial group and Deutsche Bank. We also know that the more difficult the promoted financial instrument is; the more emphasis on USP, or an expressive, characteristic, inimitable visualisation. So, on the basis of our substantial qualifications and creative advertising strategies we are still successfully providing services for Pioneer Pekao Investment; the oldest and the biggest association of investment funds in Poland.
*on the basis of the results of a Social Research Study, April 1999.

For three years until the year 2005, we took part in the ‘boom’ of mortgage credits. At that time the biggest marketing budgets were connected with those financial products. Effective marketing campaign examples are ATL and BTL activities performed for the big European finance group Fortis Bank; which became part of our portfolio.

Between 2005 and 2008 we got experience in the range of, ‘cash loans’, part of the financial market in Poland. Working for the French group, ‘Laser’ and ‘Sygma Bank’, we managed the four most important, ‘cash loans’ of the bank; creating advertising for the product ‘halogotówka’ (TV, press, radio, internet) and making this product a real leader in that category. ‘Częstogotówka‘ (the name, logo, visualisation, ATL and BTL) made us reach a level of effective sales that was noticed in an independent report about Polish banking (2008).

Sebastian Rubaj, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at First Ukrainian International Bank, shared his personal perception of the cooperation with Dorota Iwankiewicz: 

We have met in very interesting moment of my corporate life where being young product manager got a task to prepare first TV campaign for the Halogotowka – direct fully remote cash loan quite abstract on Polish market that time. We went many stages of the preparation, production, media planning and finally the execution. I got 200% of support in the project realization and excellent coaching that helped me a lot to comprehend the marketing insights and advertising in particular.

  The use of new advertising tools in this seemingly conservative segment was described as an example of success in marketing. ((This advertising strategy case study is described here)
The dynamic development of financial services was a challenge for the agency; to promote not only newly established companies in European markets but also completely innovative services in this field. A perfect example of this is the Irish company ‘CurrencyFair’ and its ‘portal peer-to-peer currency exchange’ on the internet. If you want to know about launching in the Polish market in Poland and the UK in 2011 and about the efficiency of the activities of the DM2 agency in the range of PR, including media relations, effective social media marketing, social influence marketing, buzz marketing and classical advertisement,

The Currency Fair Team summarised that period with the following words:

During this time the Agency has provided our business with great support not only in the area of public relations but also with marketing our product to the polish community across Europe (with a focus on the UK, Irish and Polish markets)(…) We can confidently recommend DM2 as a strong, reliable partner and they are undoubtedly an expert in their field.