Cadbury Wedel’ is a customer for which the activities inside the company and social influence marketing are as important as advertisement and promotion. In the range of ‘Internal PR’ two ways of thinking were included: the one of the customer – in order to instil the correct image of the company among its employees and the one of the agency – to perform the “instilling” in an intelligent and creative way. That is why the magazine “Czekoladomości” became a hit both in Warsaw and in the centre in Wrocław. The cycle of training entitled “Czekolada to Wedel [Chocolate is Wedel]”, its teaser announcement, the choice of topics as well as presents and diplomas for the participants created a completely new level of quality in the company’s history.

Agnieszka Surowicz, HR Director – Global IT GlaxoSmithKlime hired   DM2 team lead by the  Creative Director Dorota Iwankiewicz, hereafter, please find out about her  impression:

I worked with Dorota when I held internal communications roles at Cadbury Schweppes and GSK. I hired Dorota to revisit existing communications channels and come up with the refined branding and design proposal for internal newsletters (targeted both multiple different audiences: commercial, supporting functions and manufacturing). Dorota & the team have done the fantastic job, both from the creative, linguistic and positioning perspective, strongly linking the name, look and feel of internal newsletters with the essence of the brand.

Never before had it been necessary to reconcile interests and combine the needs of such a diverse target group, beginning with workers on the assembly line producing “Torcik Wedlowski” to high class managers, often English-speaking. The answer was the ‘3A program’ which promoted the main values of the company. An example of a strictly targeted activity is ‘Chocolate Business School’, dedicated solely for top managers. Another example of an effective marketing campaign is BTL actions; illustrating how much creative and executive effort should be made to ‘promotion’, ‘special action’ and ‘premium sales’. The goal of the colourful promotion of ‘Dobrawa’ drinks (belonging to the German concern ‘Gerolsteiner’) aimed at 3 target groups: wholesalers, retailers and finally customers; to support levels of sales. The long-term goal was to broaden the brand awareness for sweet drinks, because ‘Dobrawa’ was known as a brand of mineral water.

Making a product from this basis, beginning with the name and the package and creating it in such a way that not only is it distinguishable amongst huge competition but also it’s possible to foresee its development i.e. a series, gave extraordinary satisfaction to the agency’s team. Another success is a series of car fragrance and wardrobe fragrances as well as dishwashers ‘Bouquet (ArtAnalitica)’ which included European markets and led to our author’s package being reserved in the Patent Office.