Life insurance

fragments of the article “Polisa na życie – produkt jak każdy inny” [‘Life policy – product as any other’] “Gazeta Finansowa”, May 2001 and other statements of Dorota Iwankiewicz published in the insurance press).

Clean clothes thanks to fantastic washing powders which remove stains; fluffy hair thanks to caring shampoos; comfort in driving thanks to luxurious cars. But this is not all there is to life. There is also safety, peace and quiet and happiness… thanks to life insurance. Life insurance, although it is a truly abstract product, needs promotion and advertisement, similar to washing powders, shampoos or cars. (…) On the one hand it refers to our most precious asset – our life and the life of our closest relatives. On the other hand it still remains… a product to sell. It is necessary to combine the ability of engaging people’s feelings with the presentation of said institution as reliable and to emphasize the attractiveness of the offer itself. Whilst preparing this kind of advertisement it is assumed that it will be used for a really long time. Why? The most important features of these kinds of products and companies are stability and safety. Contracts are signed for many years so a constant visualisation of the product should confirm this stability. It does not mean a boring and fossilized advertisement, though …

Property insurance

Life insurance is a topic which refers to matters close to the heart: a loving partner, children and the future. It awakens positive feelings within us of caring for our ‘nearest and dearest’ and aiming to make their future safe. When we sign such a policy we feel better, our self-esteem grows (such should be the classical ‘Desired Consumer Response’, or the expected reaction of a customer who sees the advertisement). In their offer, insurance companies have products which shift the burden of our concern from moral values into material ones. A house, a car, equipment, a collection. Just objects. Really?

When such a product is advertised, an emotional message must not be neglected. Quite the contrary in fact, the emphasis is on what a major role material goods play in our lives; how often they are the aim of our activities. It requires great finesse to make the recipient agree with this and to not make them think, ‘Am I a materialist?’
Life and property. Property concerns physical objects but we need the same channels in order to reach the customer: emotions! The main rule of a campaign such as this is to present an image of the future; a future which is happy and prosperous; without an element of threat or danger. Essential characteristics for these types of campaign.

When getting experience with insurance giants like the ‘PZU’ group (the biggest insurance company in Central and Eastern Europe) or the European holding ‘GENERALI’, the DM2 agency’s team uses neuromarketing tools whilst preparing timelines for the products. “

Insurance market is a great examples how we understand storytelling, which is an effective communication method because stories create triggers that transport you to the shared vision of the idea faster than any other form of communication.”

– Ralph Lightman, executive director DM2, mentions. Also we deal with entrance into the marketplace, giving successful placement and leading of the stories and fractioning benefits. The team efficiently uses this knowledge for preparing TV spots, press campaigns, creating names of products and running an active level of social media marketing.

Following the words of  Sebastian Rubaj, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at First Ukrainian International Bank, – no matter finances, banking or insurance issues the most important is that we are able to go:

(…) through that not easy task with the smile on face sharing experience and help to brake the traditional conservative (…) advertising concept. 

The best mark for the project is the result – and the results exceeded expectations, and gave the foundations for next years of successful co-operation.”