In the agency’s portfolio one can also find customers from the, ‘redecorating and building branch’.
The DM2 members have gained experience of working for well-known brands in Europe and the world such as: ‘GEBERIT’, (a Swiss system of sanitary installation), ‘GERDA’, (anti-theft doors and locks), ‘AGNELLA’, (a carpet factory), ‘CORAM’, (the world of bathrooms), ‘TIGER’ (bathrooms) and ‘Sealskin’ – (sanitary products and bathroom accessories).

The specification of these products and the designation of various target groups;
(customers and branch sellers) involves a lengthy process of decision making. Involving buying the product and certain standards which are imposed by the media market (for example constant presence in thematic magazines). This led to emphasis being placed on a creative advertising strategy, one that is original, which will ‘work’ for a long time. The clients agreed with this point of view and the effect was: realized aims and long-term cooperation with the agency (ATL and BTL).

At the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 however, as one of the leading branding agencies in London we created the marketing shape and form for the following companies, the Polish company ‘HWM’ – energy counselling and ‘B.Open’ – windows and doors. We began with the name and logo, then the visualisation (promotional advertising ideas), ATL and BTL materials and at the end we created, ‘effective social media marketing’.

The launching of shops which belong to big distribution networks, for example ‘OBI dom + ogród’ and, ‘MAKRO Cash and Carry’ allowed us to experience true ‘fieldwork’. The most effective advertising campaigns are measured by the presence of a huge number of customers at the day of the opening of a shop. If the content is given a creative form (press, radio, outdoor etc) then sales are guaranteed by the loyalty program; with attractive awards. We know what mechanisms of ‘entertainment’ will make the customer visit the market again.
The team knows the secrets of well-made weekend promotions and games with customers; i.e. which attractions are most popular and how to organise space in order to attain optimum sales levels and how to synchronize actions in more than a dozen centres in the whole country. We have developed other promotional advertising ideas when preparing activities for highly profiled, specialised local trade centres. The limited range and limited possibilities of some marketing budgets requires discipline but we succeed due to a series of our own periodical actions through advertisements and ‘Public Relations’ (PR).

However, if the network has a specific target group (entrepreneurs) and characteristic criteria of joining (a card), the campaign must be divided into two stages. One of the most interesting effective marketing campaign examples is, ‘MAKRO Cash and Carry’. The canvassing stage, which has an educational character, belongs to the second stage – launching. The range of the action engages, of course, the strongest local media in the region (press, radio, outdoor).

22 OBI markets’ in Poland and more than 2000 employees are sufficient reasons to decide about the activities inside the company, which include the whole network. This source of information became the magazine ‘Dzień bobry’; there were interviews, reports, contests, jokes about OBI prepared by the agency’s team according to the targets of internal PR and social influence marketing.

Engaging employees is the key for success. Jarosław Skowron, Retail Products Department Director at First Ukrainian International Bank outlined:

(…) Dorota was not simply the advertising communication provider but she was a co-founder of communication platform, completely innovative on Polish market these days – a direct response marketing platform. Working as outsourced marketing team she supported us with her experience and innovative approach even to the simplest tasks. There were no minor interest assignments, no matters if it was about big media campaigns or direct marketing to our database. Often challenging our lazy brains with fresh and new ideas she became one of the improvement makers. And took a great share in the final success of our product.”

In this section of market we successful integrate the aroma-marketing in our clients’ strategy. “Did you know that we smell around 10,000 different aromas every day, but early 85% of all commercial communication appeals to just one sense – sight? That leaves less than 20% to cater for the other four senses, but, remember: human beings have 350 odour receptor genes, as opposed to 3 and 5 for vision and taste respectively.” – Dorota Iwankiewicz, creative director DM2, points out. And 75% of our day-to-day emotions are influenced by what we smell. We use this scientific knowledge for our clients success.