Making effective advertising campaigns for pharmaceuticals requires lateral thinking, because an effective campaign is aimed at two, completely different, target groups. There are patients (medicines from the OTC group), for whom one needs the art of showing emotional benefits because the rational benefits often do not distinguish the product from the competition. On the other hand there are doctors, who need facts, tests and concrete information. Nevertheless, the message and its ‘frame’ must be consistent for both target groups. With such a formula, the agency’s team built on its experience of cooperating with Polfa Kutno’, ‘Polpharma’, ‘Virapolfarm’ and ‘Boots Healthcare International’ (TV, press, radio, BTL, PR, media relations).For many years we have specialised in ‘creative launching’ onto the market and consequently maintaining the image of pharmaceutical products from the ‘RX group’. This task requires huge discipline because very specific, branch media is chosen and because we have to have a consistent vision that can be developed for many years ahead; the content is very difficult to communicate. We ensure that the content does not appear simply as a, ‘graph and numbers’ – which makes the target group, (the concern), happy (due to the sales).

The following are a list of the biggest pharmaceutical companies whom have trusted us:

we performed global marketing activities for all the medicines of the cardiological department and our solutions were implemented outside the Polish market also. Examples of effective marketing campaigns between 2007 and 2009 are available here;

(division of generic drugs of the ‘Novartis’ concern), in which we dealt with both ‘RX’ and ‘OTC’ drugs (read more);

a German pharmaceutical company. Members of the agency’s team created new trends of promotion for cardiological, circulatory and pulmonological drugs for 9 years;

International pharmaceutical holding, for which we made effective advertising campaigns that were leaders in their categories:

  • Sumamed’ – a modern antibiotic
  • Atorvox’ – a cardiological drug (read more).

The agency also prepares and runs particular events. Events which have supported the promotions of a drug amongst doctors and that were aimed at trade representatives of pharmaceutical concerns. These were events that went beyond previous standards, with creativity that contributed to “giving positive energy to the sellers” (social influence marketing). Entering into the concern’s structures also allows us to make effective actions in the range of ‘internal corporative communication’ (internal PR, company’s publishing houses, effective social media marketing, and activities concerning Personal Development).

Agnieszka Surowicz, HR Director – Global IT GlaxoSmithKlime,  hired   DM2 team lead by the Creative Director Dorota Iwankiewicz, hereafter, please find out about her  impression:

 (…) Following this work (at Cadbury Schweppes and GSK), Dorota successfully supported me in a number of other projects / internal campaigns (i.e. related to the re-launch of the reward and recognition system). If I were given another opportunity of working with Dorota, I wouldn’t hesitate to re-hire her again.

Apart from the companies mentioned above, the agency’s members have added to their portfolio customers such as ‘MSD’, ‘Beafour Ipsen’, ‘Lekam’, and ‘GlaxoSmithKline’, often as Ralph Lightman, executive director DM2 says, creating perfect duet: we cooperate with not only “products marketing division” but with sales team, training them in the most effective communication tools