Apart from effective advertising companies with commercial character, the portfolio of the agency’s team includes social actions. When we cooperate with customers, particularly with regular ones, we suggest how to act in a non-commercial way (for example a support for orphanages). “CSR projects (Corporate Social Responsibility) are very ambitious even if sceptics talk, after Rochefoucauld, that self-interest speaks all sorts of tongues and plays all sorts of characters, even that of disinterestedness.“– Dorota Iwankiewicz and Ralph Lightman, leaders of DM2, comment. But as the agency of marketing communication we create programmes and we invite business partners to be a part of social/charity activity.

The words describing our Creative Director are our calling card. As the Jarosław Skowron, Retail Products Department Director at First Ukrainian International Bank said:

Dorota is the person you like to work with. You can fully rely on her – she approaches the tasks with full attention and delivers good quality products, always on time. That is guaranteed. But you can be also more than sure that in case you are not right – she will tell you it. And provide you with a long list of reasons why you are wrong. And unfortunately, in most of the cases she is right. This is a great value for me – opens my eyes for other points of view, other solutions of the problem (….)you like to pick-up the phone when she is calling or setup a meeting with her (….) because you know that (…) the conversation will be pleasant and high class.

STOP 18 Cigarettes only for adults!

For many years the agency’s members belonged to the ‘Program of Responsible Sales’ co-financed by tobacco concerns ‘Philip Morris’ and ‘British American Tobacco’.

Until the year 2002 the actions were concentrated upon sellers and retail outlets where tobacco products were sold (for example marking with a special sign, educational brochures, social influence marketing). In successive editions the message was formulated also for the whole of society; to make people aware of the problem of smoking tobacco under-age and to make them react. This task was made more difficult by the fact that due to legal limitations, it was impossible to show a picture of cigarettes or any other picture that could be attractive to the young. First of all, the target group had to be precisely defined. The second task was to formulate the message and its form in such a way that it was possible to make an effective campaign in the media (everyday press and its additions, women’s monthly magazines, TV, radio, outdoor).

Creativity combined with the understanding of a difficult topic and the professionalism of the team’s members ensured the campaign had the desired effect. The post-campaign research also showed that when the campaign for “React when an under-aged child wants to buy cigarettes” was compared with other social campaigns made at the same time and the results were that our campaign was more visible than other campaigns with much higher budgets.

The internet for one zloty

We created a pro-social image for the biggest telecommunications company in Poland, ‘TP SA’ by introducing the internet at schools for the symbolical sum of one ‘zloty’. Students and teachers are two target groups with extremely different interests but they can have common aims. Creating a symbol, preparing an effective advertising campaign and making ‘ATL’ and ‘BTL’ actions; (including contests for the students) contributed to increasing access to the global network in Polish schools; which are often underfinanced.