Insurance is a topic which refers to matters close to the heart: a loving partner, children and the future. It awakens positive feelings within us of caring for our ‘nearest and dearest’ and aiming to make their future safe. When we sign such a policy we feel better, our self-esteem grows – it should be the classical ‘Desired Consumer Response’ or the expected reaction of a customer who sees the advertisement ?. Insurance companies have products which shift the burden of our concern from moral values into material ones. A house, a car, equipment, a collection. Just objects. Really? Working now on next effective campaign for DM2 Agency’s client from insurance industry, we analyse which customers’ needs should be met in an advertising message. Significance or Certainty? Variety or Love and Connection?


About the Author:

DOROTA IWANKIEWICZ, FCIM | Senior Strategic/Marketing Professional | External&Internal Branding Specialist | CIPD & CILEx member | Dorota combines 20 years of experience and constant development in the range of influencing people as a senior marketing/strategic professional and a managing director conducting manufacturer's projects. As a senior marketing professional: she accompanies DM2 Agency’s clients to achieve their defined goals, using knowledge and rich resources from neuromarketing, behaviourism, psycholinguistics. Dorota is the author of an educational programme about the art of persuasion, protected by the intellectual property law and implemented by the best Polish universities, and she is a co-leader of business workshops cooperating with the top law’s firm from City London. Her portfolio, gathered for many years, represents examples of effective marketing&PR campaigns eg. VISA, Mastercard, GSK, British America Tobacco, Geberit. She was a leader in European transitional programme (cooperation: Poland and UK) focused on training systems in order to develop employability, improving the labour market according to EU programme Europe 2020 growth and jobs strategy. Dorota is future-focused, inquisitive and open-minded; seeks out evolving and innovative ways to add an irresistible value to the clients/organisations. She consistently leads by example, acts with integrity, impartiality and independence, balancing individual, organisation and legal parameters. EXPERTISE: Leadership and Management | Communications strategy | Negotiations | Neuromarketing | Public Relations | Employer Branding | Employment Law | Psycholinguistics

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