To answer this question you have to decrypt this acronym. A model and Instagram influencer Leomie Anderson used it – which stands for “Fear Of Missing Out on My Goals” – in a candid Instagram post about the pressure of achieving our personal targets, which can cause stress and anxiety for some people.

 “It’s become second nature to feel like you’re not working hard enough because of what you see others achieving on social media,” Leomie Anderson wrote. “It’s easy to hide the anxiety you feel to the outside world. I wanted my followers to know that I feel it too, we all do to some extent and it’s okay.”

Many psychotherapists point social media as a part in the increase of #FOMOMG, because people now have a wider pool to benchmark themselves against. Please remind yourself that we’re all on our own paths – and success is going to look different for different people, and at different life stages.

Especially during a New Year Resolutions‘ period you can create new goals and do some summarising for the previous. Be aware! Lots of us can feel we should be doing or achieving more. But rather than not living up to our own present targets, like buying a house or hitting a prescribed salary by a particular age, the worry comes from comparing ourselves to others.

It is good to know an effective strategy to create and complete your goals without any disturbances. RPM and Y&H writing system are part of #coaching with #DM2 specialists. We are here to help you.