eCOMMERCE – the hottest topic ever!

Highlights of radio broadcast episode about eCommerce:

  • Make a reliable research to protect yourself & your money at the beginning
  • Plan tools of PreSale-, Sale- and… PostSale-Experiences
  • Take into account the technical aspects of the platforms and options that build a sense of security for the customer
  • External credentials increase your credibility by 50%
  • The power of FOMO confirmed by the BBC
  • Use reports and analysis to improve your business conversion
  • Transnational Marketing as a part of eCommerce

The power of RECOMMENDATIONs on Amazon and Trustpilot – repeated as a mantra by DM2Agency and… have a look how some eCommerce businesses desperately execute this:

An investigation by BBC 5 live and consumer group Which? uncovered the trade in false reviews:

  • Paid-for, or fake, reviews flout rules set by platforms such as Amazon and Facebook.
  • Some online sellers are offering people free goods in return for positive product reviews, e.g. a smartwatch
  • After posting a 3-star review with photos customers were told they would not be refunded unless they wrote a five-star review.

Tips: How to spot a fake review

  • Do not rely on ratings – delve deeper and read the reviews
  • Check the dates – look at when the reviews were posted. If many of them were posted in a short time period, it might mean there has been a push for reviews on Facebook groups or other platforms
  • Impartial reviews – click on some reviewers and check their history. Do they give everything five stars?
  • Pattern of ratings – are the ratings at different ends of the scale with very little in between? It is rare that people are completely polarised about a product

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Source including Which?, BBC


About the Author:

DOROTA IWANKIEWICZ, FCIM | Senior Strategic/Marketing Professional | External&Internal Branding Specialist | CIPD & CILEx member Dorota combines 20 years of experience and constant development in the range of influencing people as a senior marketing/strategic professional and a managing director conducting manufacturer's projects. As a senior marketing professional: she accompanies DM2 Agency’s clients to achieve their defined goals, using knowledge and rich resources from neuromarketing, behaviourism, psycholinguistics. Dorota is the author of an educational programme about the art of persuasion, protected by the intellectual property law and implemented by the best Polish universities, and she is a co-leader of business workshops cooperating with the top law’s firm from City London. Her portfolio, gathered for many years, represents examples of effective marketing&PR campaigns eg. VISA, Mastercard, GSK, British America Tobacco, Geberit. She was a leader in European transitional programme (cooperation: Poland and UK) focused on training systems in order to develop employability, improving the labour market according to EU programme Europe 2020 growth and jobs strategy. Dorota is future-focused, inquisitive and open-minded; seeks out evolving and innovative ways to add an irresistible value to the clients/organisations. She consistently leads by example, acts with integrity, impartiality and independence, balancing individual, organisation and legal parameters. EXPERTISE: Leadership and Management | Communications strategy | Negotiations | Neuromarketing | Public Relations | Employer Branding | Employment Law | Psycholinguistics

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