“It is a woman that triggers a man’s potential.
A woman saves a man’s soul. A woman unites the masculine light, what they have lost. It causes what we call awakening. The term resurrection was used in the past. The mystery of awakening has been explored since Sumerian times and says that energetically men are dead/asleep and the one that causes the resurrection is always a woman. Well, as Renata Przemyk sings: “GOD SENT A WOMAN. One time He made such a miracle like this.” 😊

And how does business relate to it, since we are in a group of business-oriented people?

In a world of business and finance-dominated by men – it is worth remembering this truth about the natural divinity of women. And it is a message for both ladies and gentlemen. Ladies, do not forcefully follow male role models. Gentlemen, stand down from your pedestal and do not block the enormous potential that is around you. And it will pay off for both sides. Then success, fulfilment, wealth, achievement, victory, triumph, perfect results are guaranteed.”

– Dorota Monika Iwankiewicz FCIM creative director DM2Agency and co-founder of BusinessMamaNetwork CIC

Photo:Dorota during the BMN expedition “Celebrating Femininity” Azores, October 2020;a dress from the project “the Goddess of the Ocean” by Isabelle Oliveira, BMN Ambassador