Hippocampus headlines is an effective way to pique the interest of your audience. If you find this title as a catchy headline – please read more about advantages of neuromarketing for you.

Our brain recognizes a sequence, it predicts what is coming next and compares that prediction to reality. If you are presented with a familiar image or situation or headline, your brain will automatically predict what will happen next. Therefore, to grab your client’s attention on high level, your company’s ad should be based on an unexpected image or headline. Why?

Neuroscience research

The human hippocampus is a centre in the brain involved in prediction and comparison. Researchers at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at University College London found that the brain’s hippocampus reacts if there is a discrepancy between what is expected and reality. Using a MRI scanner Dr Kumaran and Dr Maguire were able to show how the brain reacts to unexpected changes in a sequence of images.

Branding and effective campaigns

I am sure that you know French Connection, a global retailer and wholesaler of fashion clothing. It is also branded as… FCUK, deliberately similar to the taboo-word… Can you decrypt their slogans eg. “bispecsuality”,”sxe”, “fondle”? Yes, you can ?

After almost 20 years from the beginning of using this hippocampus name/slogans and after all storms engaging the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority and even American Family Association – FCUK came back last year with these ideas after losing millions of pounds. They know the power of neuromarketing!

True love or True Loaf of Neuromarketing

As you can see DM2 Agency’s portfolio, the hippocampus slogans work for the agency’s client.  And because DM2 Agency created this graphic using a child’s image therefore they doubled the attention. It is not only a result of copy strategy analysis: who is a client and who is the customer. Bear in mind that, as neuroscience’s researches prove, the picture of a child increases the attention. Therefore, it is another neuromarketing powerful performance. And it is an interesting theme for a different post ?