Aston Martin has its first female president in the British luxury car maker’s 105-year history. This makes Laura Schwab one of only two women who hold senior leadership positions in the US’ male-dominated industry.

After 15 years at Jaguar Land Rover, Laura was hunted by Aston Martin. And NOW… #WonderWoman’s STORY BEGINS. FIVE WEEKS AFTER ACCEPTING THE PRESIDENT POSITION SHE FOUND OUT SHE WAS PREGNANT! While she admits she was nervous to tell Andy Palmer, the company’s CEO who hired her, she praises the workplace as being “super supportive” throughout the entire pregnancy.

Now, with a 20-months-old daughter, she concedes that she still gets “how do you do it” a lot – and her response is always the same: “When was the last time you asked a man that question?”

“It’s a very pivotal moment in time for women in the world,” she said. “A lot of barriers, or perceived barriers, have started to be removed. I never thought of myself as a #RoleModel but now that I am in this role, women are looking to me and saying, ‘I can do it.’ ”

It remembers us Dorota Iwankiewicz’s from #DM2Agency own story… when she was promoted in her first workplace (latest year at Uni) with tripled her salary and… she found out her more than 2 months pregnancy. She refused (!) to keep this job to be a full-time mother with her new baby-born. “This was my plan” – Dorota confirms. However… She did her first TV spot (creation & full production) and national advertising campaign with a 2-weeks-old son in her arms, breastfeeding every 3 hours, without babysitters or grandparents full time engaged. And she sticks with marketing industry till… now 🙂 Hence her business life is parallel to her motherhood story from the beginning.

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