“Advertising can have a massive impact and people need to see that these individuals still have emotions, thoughts, feelings, dreams, aspirations the same as anyone else… and they need to be seen as equals at all times.”- Mrs Hale said.

Joseph Hale, 11-year-old boy with Down’s syndrome from Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, has become one of the faces of River Island’s new children’s clothing range: ‘Kids + Mini’ for autumn/winter.

The biggest mistake most companies make: they fall in love with their business or products and not with their clients. Your goal is to create relationship where you know more about your clients’ needs, goals, wounds and desires than they know themselves. And not only understand this intellectually. The more you generate the strategic – where you are not just looking to make the sale, but rather to create a long-term relationship where you know exactly your clients – the more your company will transform.

Do you know how to reach your ideal client’s sensitivity?