There are more women now than ever holding senior professional positions enjoying abundant financial freedom and purchasing power. Women are responsible for 83% of all purchases, 60% of new cars and 55% of home computers!

According analysts: “The ability to reach the female market represents the biggest growth opportunity ever for most consumer products”.

Womenomics is the term used to describe the huge shift in purchasing power that’s happened over the last 2 decades. Women’s consumer domination is here to stay, how can your business be ready?

Strive for gender-balanced teams. If women make up a significant portion of your customer base, they should be represented on your management team!

Brands that make marketing more inclusive will see better results, Unilever is one brand that is leading the call for the advertising industry to re-think how it portrays women, men and families:

“Global analysis revealed 50% of ads showed a negative or “not progressive” stereotype of women and less than 1% showed funny women.”

Remember the way men and women communicate is different, the way we respond to messages is different, neither is right or wrong, just different! 

Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day 2020!