Please to meet you either in Poland during Global Polonia Congress 60MLN (29-20 August) or in the UK during Asbiro Investors meeting in Sheffield (31 August).

As a NeuroMarketing specialist, I have the privilege to be a panellist in terms of promoting Polish brands worldwide. “As good as Polish bread” – you can hear on London’s streets. Despite long-term cooperation with Polish the biggest bakery in the UK – I am thrilled to share my experience and tips for business interested in the British market. I AM SURE THAT IT WILL SAVE A LOT OF YOUR MONEY!

In addition, I have been invited to the second panel “Women in Business”. And as co-founder of BiznesMama Network CIC, I can boost your curiosity about this topic by sharing a secret about SPECIAL GIFTS FOR PARTICIPANTS prepared by BizMama.

If you want to explore more how to secure your marketing budget and stop wasting money for ineffective activities – join me during a conference Asbiro Investors in Sheffield. I guarantee a vast knowledge, quality networking and ENTERTAINMENT WITH… AN AXE IN THE MAIN ROLE!!!

See you soon!