Transnational Marketing can be briefly defined as marketing transnationally, that is other than within the borders of one’s nation. There are marketing products or services which originate from anywhere and take into account the cultural and linguistic differences as well as drawing upon multiple reference points and benefiting from synergies among multiple territories, and cultures.

McDonalds is a good and common example of transnational marketing. The menu is decided by the country they operate in, the country’s culture, its people’s tastes and preference and is influenced by the most common local ingredients, e.g. Ebi Filet-O Shrimp Burger in Japan, Wiesmak in Poland, McCurry Pan in India. But if you see the overall feel and look of every McDonalds outlet, they keep it the same.

On a contrary, there are companies that use different brands in different countries as each brand has a particular type of positioning that appeals to people of a certain culture and practice.

Bear in mind, that recently a study from Harvard Business School has suggested that having the same brand name across all the countries of operations makes the transnational strategy more effective.

Hence for our clients like CurrencyFair or TransferGo or Truphone when we prepared and executed marketing strategy in the UK  and in Poland, we based creative brand identity on the same name and graphic design.

This is interesting that one strong cultural identity can be USP and main value for most markets, e. g. folk. As we analysed the success of Aneta Larysa Knap, who is – after Ewa Minge – second recognised Polish fashion artist the world; national folk heritage is her key to success, engaging Polish and… Mexican design! And so unique Tatra Mountain culture (Górale) is a top-export product to reach clients across Europe and the US or Canada or Japan. Have a look for the attractiveness of our client Nosalowy Dwór Resort&Span. Therefore, national culture even beyond borders could be a treasure to expand your business and joined-up marketing strategy as DM2’s effective standards are, should be your way to achieve this.

citation on the photo: T.Robbins; photo PolkiFolki: P.Korczak