What a coincidence!

Today I was nominated in Northern Power Women Awards 2020 in 3 categories: Person with Purpose Award & Mentor of the Year & Innovation Award!

And I am preparing my workshop for Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs in London. with the topic “WOMENOMICS – how much do you lose yearly?” As you can see, a very powerful and… female-concentrated theme. I hope that I have just intrigued you with it 🙂

I am so thankful that my friends, clients and vast audience see my commitments and heart in terms of supporting community, sharing the goal of accelerating gender equality. Moreover, I am proud that many of my activities end with the positively shaped success of individuals.


Northern Power Women was launched in 2015 to accelerate gender diversity from the North of England. The fifth Northern Power Women awards will celebrate role models from all genders, sectors and socio-economic groups across the Northern Powerhouse regions.