Passion is active, is your drive, your desire, is something you must do.  Such things like money, time do not exist once you feel it. You won’t look for excuses, obstacles. You just go for it no matter how and when.

There are various passions, as the people. We enjoy different things like reading, writing, sports, games, collecting items, cooking, crafts making, gardening, travelling, and we could go on and on. It could be everything what makes you enthusiastic; bring pleasure while you do it and what definitely cherishes your life.

By curiosity we placed the word passion into the internet. At the very top, there is usually a definition – and found it fantastic:

 “Passion – strong and barely controllable emotion”.

Isn’t it great?! However, what we also surprisingly discovered, there were many pages with number of tips on how to find passion. That means that out there, there are plenty of people searching for one, questioning themselves where to find joy in life.

Our passion is our work, but don’t worry- not only:) We would to love share with you the pride over our enthusiastic DM2 Agency executive director, privately photographer – Ralph Lightman. He appreciates photos of nature the most. There is never time to waste for him and he takes every opportunity he can. In December he went for a cycle of trainings and workshops and of course he still found time to develop his passion. He headed to Bahamas for scuba diving and shared his shots with us. What we did, we spread it all over knowing that such treasure shouldn’t be kept in a chest:)

We are pleased to tell you that within a month, on the website, he was granted three awards, and with the score of 21,765 total ranking points he became one of the highly ranked photographers! Congratulations Ralph!

We still keep our fingers crossed for our colleague in some others competitions we encouraged him to take part in. He is gifted and passionate and his works needs to be seen and noticed, because it is an art.

Ralph, we wish you all possible successes you deserve!

Our appeal is: improve your passion and share it with world- you may inspire someone:)