And let me tell you a deadly story of books.

There is no prize for having read the most books before you… die. Even if you were the most dedicated reader in the world – a book a day, even – your collection would probably never be bigger than a small branch library. You will never even come close to matching what is stored in the servers at Google Books or keep up with the hundreds of thousands of new titles published on Amazon each year.

What if, when it came to your reading and learning, you prioritised quality over quantity? What if you read the few books deeply instead of briefly skimming all the new books? Your shelves might be emptier, but your brain and your business life would be fuller.

This is why, I strongly recommend to chose the core target group, the best channels, social media platforms, which lead you to increase your revenue. This is why, you can stop chasing every networking groups, each event in your area, each social media and stop advertise in one newspaper 52 weeks per year.

And I assure you,  wisely selected one strategy will be ‘the best book’ in terms of effectiveness, satisfaction and success that you have ever ‘read’.