X-mas or helping each other

Christmas is very special time for everyone and its underlining theme is always about offering your help whether that be supporting charity or donations of clothes to orphanages.

We are proud of that DM2 Agency was able to provide this Christmas motivational seminars run by Ralph Lightman, and contribute in a positive manner to the local community. Ralph, who is a coach with experience in the UK and US, was able to deliver provoking as well as challenging speeches to his audience. Ralph addressed two types of audience: i) boys with social pathologies background; and ii) 14-17 year old students. All the participates were very stimulated by the speech and took courage to ask further questions afterwards. Moreover, in this series also participated individuals which once took part in motivational project financed by European Union. We are proud that Ralph’s coaching on this EU programme (Young in Europe) resulted that these participants increased their assertiveness and now actively contribute toward the growth in their communities. (Special thank you for Agata and Karolina!)

Marketing and Contribution

Rightly you may ask, why we even write this post at the marketing blog?

We believe that everybody in business are focused on achieving their business targets, chasing money. However, it is good to stop, inspire others and share your knowledge pro bono. The very benefit is that it gives personal satisfaction as well as it is within our core values, including contribution and selflessness.

In 20 years of DM2 Agency, our clients were always encouraged not simply to contribute as an aspect of marketing, but also via ‘anonymous’ contributions as was the case with Schwarz Pharma (parent organisation UCB).

Short Advice: TELC 2018

Also, we hope you had an amazing New Year Eve and we have a good advice in order to maximise your New Year’s resolution! We suggest to categorise your targets by TELC framework: Things & Stuff, Experience, Legacy and Contribution. Things & Stuff are all aims to do with what particular things you want to get, the more specific the better, and think with whom you may share this thing! For example, buying a luxurious car so you can share your travels with my loved ones. Experience is all about your journeys that you wish to take or hobby/passion and importantly think with whom you wish to share this adventure, for example, maybe you want to travel Spain with your children. Legacy are objectives to do with what you wish to leave behind, for instance, an amazing invention to humankind. Finally, Contribution is any goal which you offer help to others. Ralph Lightman’s motivational speeches are a prime example of contribution.

While you are thinking about useful TELC from DM2 Agency, we wish you very best in 2018!