2017 in the UK

Tobacco giant Philip Morris is paying people £50 if they persuade a smoker to quit! It is how the world’s second largest tobacco company, which was partner in STOP 18 Programme in Poland, promotes a “heat not burn” product. The idea is that users can still get a nicotine but without the smoke. It is less harmful than a traditional cigarette.

Mr Nixon told BBC’s Today Programme about the structure of this action:

“A freelancer is someone who helps people to give up, because for people who have been smoking for many many years, to change that habit is not easy. Freelancers take them through a seven day programme, like a coach. Each day the freelancer helps them through this change.”

The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Interior and Administration Jarosław Zieliński, inaugurated the X edition of the Responsible Sale of Tobacco STOP18! Programme. The Programme is based on partnership between private companies and public organisations undertaking joint initiatives aiming at preventing minors’ access to tobacco.

Until 2007 in Poland

The Secretary of State made an appeal to 2478 communes in Poland to actively participate in the Responsible Sale of Tobacco „STOP 18!” Programme. In his appeal, the Minister stresses that only systematic preventive measures by several entities can bring positive and durable changes.

According to the survey made in 2006 for the POS Coallition, 64% of retailers would sell cigarettes to a person looking like an adult. Only 38% of the respondents asked for identity card! Within the framework of the Responsible Sale of Tobacco „STOP 18!” Programme retailers can check their knowledge about rules of selling tobacco.

Support materials for the program will be distributed among retailers in holiday resorts for children and young people. In autumn the Responsible Sale Month is to be organized in the Małopolska region. Municipal guard, scouts, local self-governments and partners of the Programme will be involved in all the activities.

Partners (tobacco companies): British American Tobacco, Philip Morris Polska; sales and distribution networks: Ruch, Kolporter, E.Leclerc, Real, Tesco, Żabka and WSS Społem Praga Południe, PKN Orlen i Shell as well as The National Council of Associations of Trade and Services, Polish Chamber of Commerce, The Union Of Polish Retail Chains, The Friends of Children Association, and  local authority: The Małopolskie Voivodship.

Dorota Iwankiewicz, Fellow od The Chartered Institute of Marketing, conducted the team regarding to marketing campaign and employer branding activity (PM) until 2007.

23% added value

According PwC 2007-2010 report:

Companies spend 23% of energy, attention and money for surviving on the market.

They dedicate 23% of company’s energy, attention and money for providing  new solutions, new options and capabilities for their customers, as well.

Which of this activity works better for the company’s success?

Sources: MSWiA 2007, BBC 2017