We offer our customers comprehensive service in the field of

Few examples

  • ATL: professional medicine magazines
  • BTL: aroma-leaflets; leaflets with sampling special borreliosis-card; seasonal brochures and posters
  • Promotional island on the Conference of Dermatology
  • Motivating events for medical representatives

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is a global pharmaceutical company specializing in the development, production and marketing of generic and proprietary branded pharmaceuticals as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients. Teva is among the top 15 pharmaceutical companies and among the largest generic pharmaceutical companies in the world.

“The use of smell can make us 3 times more likely to actually buy something, as opposed to just looking. It is reason why the aroma-marketing has included in Teva’s products campaign.” – Dorota Iwankiewicz, creative director DM2, comments.

  • Press: creation
  • POS (Bank Pekao SA, Centralny Dom Maklerski SA): creation and print
  • PR services: financial magazine „Twoje Fundusze”
  • Newsletter „Fakty”: graphic design and DTP

For over 80 years, PIONEER INVESTMENTS has been a leading innovator in the investment management industry.
Assets under management of €185 billion as at 30 June 2010. A presence in 29 countries worldwide. An experienced team of over 2,000 employees globally, of which almost 370 are investment professionals. Pioneer Pekao TFI SA is the largest, in terms of assets under management, an investment fund in Poland and one of the most recognizable brands in the industry.

  • “Joined up marketing” strategy
  • Media Relations: 15 content-publications per month including Dziennik (Axel Springer AG) – one of the biggest daily newspaper in Poland (print), Onet.pl – no 1 internet portal in Poland, Forsal.pl/Financial Times, Londynek.net – UK polish community on-line, Capital24TV.pl – tv business portal etc.
  • Social marketing: 17 profiles, landing pages, VideoTV
  • Buzzmarketing 20 posts per day: educational campaign
  • E-mailing: behavioural and geo-targeting
  • Banners campaign, advertorial – Onet.pl the biggest portal in Poland
  • SEO (integrating with PR)

The CurrencyFair team described us as follows:

DM2’s vast experience helped us to redesign our polish market strategy and focus on new marketing / PR channels. This has proved to be a very successful and resulted in increased customer acquisition to the business. DM2’s employees and directors have always been pro-active and kept us informed of all developments (…)ensured us that communication channels are open at all times.

CurrencyFair is regulated by the Central Bank in Ireland under the European Communities Regulations 2009. This regulation governs foreign exchange and money remittance. The Central Bank imposes minimum capital requirements and ensures the highest standards for internal policies and procedures, detection of financial crime and the protection of client funds. It’s a unique marketplace where people can exchange currencies with other people, anonymously, at rates only otherwise available to multinationals and market professionals dealing in millions. CurrencyFair in October 2011 announced that it had facilitated over €60 million in foreign exchange transfers since launching in May 2010, saving its customers €1.75 million in the process. After 8 years on the market: €5,471,660,728 exchanged and €196,370,816 savings made.

With a sophisticated understanding of customer intentions, individuals can be targeted based on who they are and what they are doing, not just where they happen to be on the web. – DM2

ATL: professional medicine magazines

  • aroma-stickers
  • set of leaflets and posters
  • occasional cards, calendars, notes etc.
  • creative gadgets: idea and production
  • loyality programme for pharmaceutists
  • multimedia presentation
  • promotional stands during the conferences
  • performance-events for medical sales representatives

PLIVA is the largest pharmaceutical company in Croatia and one of the leading companies in Southeast Europe thanks to its highly competent employees, innovative technologies and continuous investments in production. PLIVA is also one of the major exporters in Croatia with over 80% of products intended for exports, and its major markets are Croatia, the USA and Russia. Thanks to the approvals by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the British Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and those of other relevant European agencies, PLIVA is one of the manufacturers complying with the highest global quality standards required for international markets.

PLIVA’s success and status may be largely attributed to its in-house research and development of finished dosage forms and active pharmaceutical ingredients, and Zagreb is therefore today one of the leading R&D centres in the Teva Group

“Joined up marketing” strategy

  • Image campaign (B2C & B2B): corporate identity, press, radio, video; anniversary campaign including the corporate event
  • Products campaign (B2C & B2B): ATL, BTL, loyality programme
  • Social media marketing
  • Employer branding
  • Internal and External Public Relations
  • Affiliate programme: educational campaign about health
  • Trainings employees: modules programme for managers and for sales department, workshops for senior leaders

Achieved goal: a leader of Polish bakery’s industry in the UK

Marcin Kliszewski, general manager of PVB wrote a recommendation for Dorota Iwankiewicz FCIM and her agency’s team:

In this words I would like to express my respect and appreciation for this bright person, who brought outstanding contribution to the work of my group and worked with me on various projects.

To meet the needs of growing demand in the UK, the Polish Village Bread Company was founded in 2004 and fast became the best Polish bakery in London. On their first day of production they baked 70 loaves of bread. Today that figure now exceeds 10,000 loaves per day, with Polish Village Bread now stocked far and wide in a mixture of speciality stores, delicatessens and supermarkets all over the country. These days they produce in the region of 200 products, including 60 different kinds of breads and rolls, 100 varieties of cakes and cream cakes and 30 types of pastries and doughnuts.