A powerful message from Dorota Iwankiewicz FCIM, creative director from DM2 Agency:

Northern Power Women Awards 2020: Person with Purpose Award & Mentor of the Year & Innovation Award!

Via my activities I would like to conquer what many researchers confirm:

The perception that women do not fit the image of the ideal leader is still pervasive in business. Because men are seen as prototypical leaders, women’s leadership behaviours are evaluated against a masculine leadership norm. In such a scenario, women can rarely measure up. Even when “feminine” leadership behaviours are perceived positively—such as when women are complimented for being team-oriented and sensitive to others’ concerns—women’s styles are still labelled as “unique” and “different” from the (presumed) leadership norm.

Hence, it is not women’s leadership styles that need to change but the structures and perceptions that must keep up with today’s changing times.

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