The HARD facts – why #BREXIT poses a challenge for some employers, including you:

  • 72% proportion of organisations that employ at least one member of staff from an EU or non-EU country
  • 28% proportion of #construction workers in London that come from the EU (1/5 of UK nationals in the sector are over 55)
  • 63 000 number of NHS staff in England who are EU nationals – 5,6%of all employees. Overall, 12,7% of NHS staff their nationality is not British.
  • 42% amount by which searches for UK #construction jobs have done in EU countries
  • 90% proportion of the EU #hospitality workforce that could be excluded by visa restriction, leaving a shortfall of 900 000 workers per year
  • Salary £23-24k could jump up to £30k a year to hit the visa threshold

We have to wait till January 2019 to know the exact next scenario with Brexit. However, it is still time to improve your #EmployerBranding activities or do some amendments in a #marketing plan, including #JoinedUpStrategy – to be more successful regardless of politics.  Just do it!

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Employer Branding as important as the Company Branding in marketing strategy: