I CHALLENGE YOU! PLEASE SHARE YOUR OPINION ABOUT ‘A VICTIM via LinkedIn’ PROBLEM exposed during London Met academic conference about the digital world. I assure you that it is not a multicultural theoretical topic. This is real life:

“In my country (China), LinkedIn is not that much popular as in Europe. IF A PERSON HAS A PUBLIC PROFILE ON LINKEDIN THAT PERSON IS REGARDED AS SHE/HE IS NOT SATISFIED WITH HER/HIS CURRENT JOB AND WILL BE TREATED BADLY FROM COLLEAGUES OR THE MANAGEMENT, who will try to prevent that person from quitting a company by assigning e.g. new challenging tasks. Even in these circumstances do you think having a public profile on LinkedIn is beneficial or do you have any conclusions to avoid this?”

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This discussion was a part of an academic conference ‘The development and impact of ITC and social media on our daily business and personal lives.’ hosted by London Metropolitan University. Dorota Iwankiewicz FCIM from DM2Agency presented a topic: ‘HOW TO WIN A BUSINESS WAR IN THE DIGITAL WORLD… the case study based on #BREXIT’; interpreting during the conference from English into Spanish, Italian and Chinese.