Please bear in mind that within 24 hours, without active reinforcement, as much as 70% of what you learnt on Wednesday, including my presentation “NEGOTIATING THE BEST DEAL” at Business Forum in Manchester, can be forgotten. Therefore, please answer yourself the following:

1st P: You better be PREPARED, if you want to get P.A.I.D. Do you remember how to control the process? And my example, when I cooperated with British American Tobacco, regarding an importance of identifying your weaknesses? Or the next one, based on my collaboration with Pioneer Investments, how is important defining your walkaway point?

2nd P: Make sure you know your audience! Asking W.H.A.T. & Listening. How your product/service/idea can appear as a balsam/answer for the other side needs and desires?

3rd P: Why “not to be first” is the better idea during negotiating? And why an effective negotiator always thinks how to increase a pie?