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If you prefer to do marketing by yourself, please let us share some tips with you, which based on our experience, shall save you a lot of money. Simply try to avoid 6 the most common mistakes:

  • I Target

38.1% businesses confuse Customer with Consumer

19.7% of your best clients generate 79.9% your income


  • II Channels

24.1% companies waste money for choosing wrong channels

As many as 88.7% people avoid traditional ads on Social Media

BTW: social media are SOCIAL media


61.8% SME couldn’t answer what is their USP

79.2% SME struggle to create unique and original message

“Differentiate or Die”

  • IV Branding

23.2% companies overestimate brand perfection instead of brand interaction

26.9% don’t understand importance of brand personality

Perception is reality

  • V Follow up

Only 2% of sales occur at a first meeting

44% of sales people give up after one “no”

Introduce a 5 “NOs” follow-up strategy

  • VI Call to action

36.6% of ALL ads don’t have call to action AT ALL.

97% of CTA word don’t contain benefits as they should.

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