93% of the C-suite executives surveyed grew up with a pet, and 78% PARTIALLY ATTRIBUTE THEIR CAREER SUCCESS IN PART TO OWNING A PET AS A CHILD.

Successful business people confirm: having furry companions around the house taught them valuable lessons as a child, such as:

  • responsibility,
  • empathy,
  • creativity

– qualities they believe helped them to thrive in a corporate world.

Moreover! Nearly a quarter (24%) say that their childhood pet taught them more valuable lessons than their first internship. 62% of these head corporate honchos believe pets had a positive impact on their ability to build relationships with employees and clients.

Tips for you:

If you’re looking for inspiration, a whopping 77% of C-suite executives said THEY CAME UP WITH THE BEST BUSINESS IDEA WHILE WALKING A DOG!

If your parents refused to have a dog in your childhood – it’s not too late: 80% of people surveyed said they felt more connected to colleagues who own pets, and 79% believing that colleagues with pets are hard workers. Therefore, it is your choice now! More #BizCoaching tips – contact us.

BTW: don’t be surprised though if you see me trying to get dog hair off my business dress or to hide the slightly wet end of the sleeve – a trace of my lovely Newton ?

Source: Kelton Research, citation: by T. Robbins