Content creation falls firmly in the marketing department remit, right?

Over 50% of businesses (large and small businesses) use some form of content marketing to drive sales, convert website visitors and boost customer engagement.

In the post-pandemic world, where remote teams and flexible working look here to stay, forward-thinking HR managers are realising content marketing can also be used to attract new employees and keep existing employees engaged and happy.

The HR Marketing Strategy

In times of crisis, employees will look to the leadership of the business for advice and support, internal communications are vital, content in whichever form (image, video, blog etc) is ultimately communication. Interestingly, communication is cited as one of the top challenges affecting HR professionals today.


Internal campaigns need as much planning as external campaigns, so it is important to plan. HR can provide employee insight and personas, combining with the power of storytelling you can create content that motivates, inspires, informs, and addresses concerns, increasing employee engagement and retention. 

“I worked with Dorota when I held internal communications roles at Cadbury Schweppes and GSK. I hired Dorota to revisit existing communications channels and come up with the refined branding and design proposal for internal newsletters (targeted both multiple different audiences: commercial, supporting functions and manufacturing). Dorota & the team have done the fantastic job, both from the creative, linguistic and positioning perspective, strongly linking the name, look and feel of internal newsletters with the essence of the brand. Following this work, Dorota successfully supported me in a number of other projects / internal campaigns (i.e. related to the re-launch of the reward and recognition system). If I were given another opportunity of working with Dorota, I wouldn’t hesitate to re-hire her again.” – Agnieszka Surowicz, VP HR, R&D – Development at GSK, Executive Coach, Team Coach, Career Coach, Relationship Coach – ICF PCC, CPCC & ORSC Certified


Employees are looking for connection as much as information, many could feel isolated, especially if they are used to working in an office environment. You can use collaboration tools to help visualise how the individual efforts combine to impact the core business. Provide ways for employees to communicate with each other as well as the business.

Be Human

With any marketing strategy a consistent message is key, so decide from the outset what your brand voice is, ditch the corporate jargon and be human, transparency helps to build trust, trust leads to engaged employees.

Inject some personality

Qualifications are important but some would argue its more important to hire people with compatible values and a personality that will fit with the business. Through content, you can give an insight into the business culture, values, how you work and the type of people you have working for you. 

Publishing targeted content will help you attract people who like and understand the business culture from the start, reducing employee turnover and ensuring new hires have clear expectations. 

Location used to be a barrier but with technology and remote working businesses have access to a global talent pool. How will your business attract and keep top talent?

Organise online courses

Engaged employees are more productive it’s as simple as that! Consistent training lets employees know you are investing in them, improving employee performance, knowledge and retention. We know recruitment and onboarding is expensive, with the average time in a job now just 4 years it indicates we could be doing more to retain people we hire! And let’s not forget happy staff usually results in happy customers, who will spend more money so it will affect the bottom line!

When we are going through challenging times it can be tempting to focus on external marketing to drive sales but don’t overlook the importance of internal communications to keep staff engaged, informed and happy, after all, they are your biggest asset!

Social distancing does not mean departments can’t join forces to drive the business forward!

How integrated is your HR department with the rest of your business?